Make meeting management easy and simple with Pronestor

As an office manager or a secretary with the responsibility of overseeing all resource booking related to meeting rooms, catering related to conferences and meetings, meeting facilities and equipment (e.g. monitors, interactive displays, whiteboards, projectors, and telephone or video equipment for conference calls), you are very dependent on your meeting management software. It must be easy to use for both yourself, the rest of the employees who are going to provide services (the kitchen staff, the IT manager etc.), intuitive for the end user (the people who want to book meeting rooms, vehicles, conference room equipment or catering), and also allow for integration with the most commonly used software packages such as Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and similar office tools.


Pronestor is a Danish company, who specializes in the development and supply of meeting management software. Their products supports the most common platforms, so that everyone in the organization has access to the software. When implementing your Pronestor solution, the skilled professionals at the company make sure, that it is fitted to your needs and adapts well to both your technical platform and your work flow. Maybe you only need simple management of your meeting rooms, based on Outlook calendar integration so that the employees at your company can easily book a meeting room using only their Outlook client? Or maybe you need the full scale solution, where you can include catering management, resource management (for easy booking of vehicles, workstations or other devices), or even video conference planning, which shows you the time zones in meeting rooms across the world to avoid wasted hours because of faulty meeting invitations.


Try Pronestor today – at our website,, you can read more about our different high end solutions, and even download a free trial, so that you can see for yourself how pronestor is able to help you.